Regalia: Exercise

Silk, bike inner tube, nylon, paper, thread 8" x 10"

Exercise is the most elegant medical remedy available.

Exercise is available anywhere. It costs nothing. It impacts the body with remarkable speed and longevity. The question is why don't I "just do It".

Exercise takes effort. Get out of bed, put your shoes on... run, walk, jump, garden.

Exercise has power to release pain, reduce high blood glucose, invoke flexibility and burn calories... and still the argument persists.

I'm always learning, changing up my exercise plan, playing a new game. Of all the things I "have" to do, exercise is the most elegant, effective and beneficial. Today I say yes to 30 minutes of fun, sun and play!

Regalia: Exercise

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Silk cut velvet, silk,

bicycle tubes and tires, canvas, grommets, zippers

Riding a Bike From Passau Germany to Vienna Austria In May 2015 I accepted a big challenge. My friends wanted to go on a six  day bicycle trip from Passau Germany to Vienna Austria. I have never challenged my body to perform at its best for six days riding a bike 6 hours a day. Setting aside fear, I decided to prepare and go for it! It was the most fun I have had on a vacation EVER! Thanks Mike, Annette, Naci, Sila and Sophia for watching out for me! Xoxo, Mo