Regalia: Perspective

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 Standing in love or fear?

Regalia: Perspective addresses spiritual aspects of life with diabetes.

Perspective contains 300 insulin pump infusion sets, representing 900 days of life with diabetes.

There is always an element of fear when approaching a new project. Fear is paralyzing. To break through the fear to get to joy is the starting point for each new piece. Sometimes breaking through the fear takes a small act of courage, like facing a blank sheet of paper and making a mark...  the key to beginning something beautiful is take the first step.

Perspective, bodice, skirt detail

To gain perspective I ripped beautiful cotton rag paper into 9" x 15" sections. I then took the paper to the garage and threw, marked, spilled paint onto the clean white surface. After the first fear filled mark was made I felt joy rise in my body. Releasing the fear moved me into action and the joy of creating. I don't know why fear is my starting point. I like contrast. Joy and Fear are opposites. Now my process is: Acknowlege the fear, release it and move into joy .

To the left are the warm-up renderings for Regalia: Perspective. I literally had to change my initial perspective of fear into joy to make this piece.

Perspective, front yoke detail


Regalia: Perspective

Silk, paper, thread 8" x 10"

Do you see Joy or Fear?


Perspective is the “heart” of the Regalia series. It is the fourth of seven pieces and addresses the perspective one approaches life, love or fear?

In Perspective, over 300 insulin infusion pump soft-sets (the tubing that feeds insulin to the body from a pump) and reservoirs were used to create the curiass. The tubing wrapped with gold wire represents joy-based choices while black wired tubing represents fear-based choices. Using simple macramé skills acquired as a girl, I knotted the tubing into the curiass of Perspective.

Beneath the medical disposable curiass is a dress of green. Green is the color of love and represents the heart of our energy body. As the central piece in the Regalia series Perspective materializes a statement my friend Jan (Type 1 Diabetes since age 9) said to me that changed everything.  “Mo, if you’re going to survive this, you have to learn to  love your dis-ease.” At the time, I was appalled.

When working on Regalia, I am at peace. It is my meditation. As I work I feel as though I have played a trick on fate. In doing this work, the challenge of living with diabetes, is beautiful.



 Sometimes what you already know is the best approach to something new.

 I started Perspective with a pile of insulin infusion pump tubing/reservoirs and a book of knots. I tried for a day or two to learn new knots with the tubing. 'sigh'

Then I remembered, Camp Hamwi in Loudenville, Ohio (a diabetes camp for Type 1 children). At this remarkable place  I picked up macrame skills in the camp craft center. instead of trying to re-invent the wheel, I used lanyard  crafting skills  to macrame the cuirass of this gown. 

                                                                                     Voila' Joy Remembered!


Perspective, insulin pump infusion sets, cotton acetate, wire, glass beads