Regalia: Food

China silk, cotton/acetate, paper 8" x 10"

Food is science. Food is comfort. Food is family. Food is energy… Food is necessary. Food choices are powerful.

Regalia: Food

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Regalia: Food

Food glorious Food! We love it. We fight it. Sometimes if feels like food controls us. To be sure, food choices make a huge difference in quality health. Food is so seductive, so powerful. Harnessing the power of food determines our health everyday. To understand the power Food is to understand the foundation of healing.

Orange peels in Food represent the medical component of nutrition. Nine hundred orange peel discs and 1800 gold wire “needles” create the armor of Food.

For those with diabetes consuming food  often requires medication. In this piece food is held in place by the needles symbolizing medication that unleashes the power of the food eaten. Learning to make wise choices about food is ongoing. Food is is the defender of good health, not an adversary.

Regalia: Food, orange peel, wire, silk, cotton, leather

Food, cuirass detail