Regalia:  Wings

10,000 glucose test strips and 500 syringes represent daily choices that make the difference between survive and thrive.

 Wings, 10,000 glucose test strips, 500 syringes, silk, appropriated coat

Regalia: Wings

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Performance art is an ephemeral form of spectacle outside the realm of theater and music.

Everyday twenty-three million play the permanent role of diabetic stepping into the arena of life, siphoning drops blood, feeding blood-sugar test strips that determine nutrition, exercise requirements, and medication.

Performance art occurs in a defined place and time and emphasizes the visceral relationship between audience and artist. It engages people to experience the limits of the artists’ physical and emotional being. 

Wings, is a visual narrative of minute-by-minute choices that determine  health, balance, physical stamina and emotional well being. One in every five Americans are living with diabetes.  Step into the arena.    

Photographs by, Kasia Clarke, and Shelia Gray

Wings, detail

The wings of freedom. The wings of a dark angel- the wings of death, life and the small daily choices that make the difference between survive and thrive. These are wings of the fight, wings of surrender. These are wings of longevity. These wings envelop the understanding that good comes from saying yes. Take wing and fly.

Make good choices.


Regalia: Wings

Paper, linen/silk, upholstery, paper "8 x 10"