Photographs by, Trish Cornett, Kasia Clarke & Mo Regulinski

Regalia: Needles  

Healing Avatar 1

The Regalia series started with one question, "What would the 34, 211 needles jabbed into my body look like if they pointed outwards?”

Needles, detail

When doing what you have to do becomes hard. Look at it in a different light.

I have lived with type 1 diabetes for more than 18250 days.  No remission, no cure, YET.

Regalia: Healing Avatars are a visual reminder of the power of endurance training. 

23 million people in the United States know this story. We are powerful. We are strong, vibrant, healthy and so very disciplined in ways of staying alive!  Claim the power.

Needles, silk, Ultra Suede, 24 gauge pin nails, rivets, grommets, chain, found clasp,  balsa wood, insulin infusion set, appropriated dress


Regalia: Needles

paper, silk, Ultra Suede, 8"x !0"